A Revolution in Micro-current Therapy

John Milovich AP, ND, LMT the creator of Clinic In A Case, advanced the technology of Microcurrent Therapy with three unique treatments; Body Balance, Energy for Wellness, and Auto Sweep. The latter treatment induces over ‘a million and a half’ micro frequencies at cellular level for advanced health challenges. Auto Sweep is a real unique factor in the field of Microcurrent Therapy. The Pro and Plus is also ideal for Spa, facial rejuvenation, soft tissue injuries, pain relief and post pregnancy scar removal- just to name a few challenges.



 Clinic In A Case; its easy to use functionality, and the purpose of high, Ph level Alkaline water consumption from The Alkalizer to compliment treatment from the Clinic In A Case.

  1. Clinic In A Case Health Benefits

* successfully treat acute and chronic pain relief
* reduce inflammatory chemicals in the blood
* increase feel good endorphin levels
* boost protein synthesis
* increase cell energy (ATP) levels
* provide specific organ, system benefits (digestive, hormonal, etc)
* restore depleted adrenal function; stress, anxiety and burn-out
* repair the regulation of nervous tissue
* boost immune function
* accelerate healing of acute injuries
* increase healling of traumatic wounds, bruises, burns and swelling


2. Indicated Spa Health Benefits

* stimulate collagen and elastin production
* restore lost energy in tissue
* sculpts face, accenuates cheek bones, smooth out wrinkles and define jaw lines
* lymphatic drainage
* regeneration of connective tissue
* tone and tighten skin
* improve skin pigmentation

  1. Indicated Chiropractor Benefits

* significantly reduces pain
* increase rate of healing
* support adjustment and therapeutic exercise

  1. Indicated Macular Degeneration Benefits

* advance ability of eye cells to free themselves of waste
* boost ATP level, protein synthesis and membrane permeability

Lasting benefit effect on each patient may vary differently, however changes to cells and muscles seem long lasting. Approximately 60 to 80% of the changes from one treatment last until the next treatment for 4 to 7 days. Muscle tone tends to remain consistent and may return to old configuration if not treated again. Although patients usually experience noticeable changes after one treatment, the average number of treatments necessary for permanent change depends on the complexity of health challenge. It is suggested to implement individualized nutritional programs to support optimal, permanent changes.

Clinic In A Case

The Clinic In A Case is specifically designed for the professional practitioner;
doctor, spa technician, physical therapist, chiropractor, sports trainer, or Optometrist- just to name a few. The following items come with The Clinic In A Case;

1 “Quick-Start” Instruction sheet
1 Treatment protocol manual
2 Carbon Pads
1 set Pre-gelled Electrodes
2 Hand Mass’
3 .5 Connect Pad Cables
2 .5 Connect Pad Cables
1 set Connect Hand Mass Cables
1 Table-top enclosure
2 Self Sanitizing Probes
1 starter pack of cotton swabs
2 Body Magic Wonderwands “BMW”
1 Cluster Module
1 starter pack cotton swabs
Carrying Case

Microcurrent Research

Over the last three decades increased advancement in technology and functionality, combined with recent FDA approval of Electrotherapy, also known as Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET), has encouraged practitioners to take action because it’s non evasive, highly effective (pain management extensive capability), time efficient and easy to use. Innovative scientists, practitioners, elite sports trainers and spa clinicians were among the first to implement Microcurrent Therapy. Recent studies suggest MET has a distinct and positive effect on additional health challenges previously unknown in certain medical communities.

  1. “Results of First 120 Patients”. D. Miller- Clinical Results of the Treatment of Aging Macular Degeneration with Microcurrent.
  2. “A Study to Detect The Efficacy of Microcurrent Therapy on Pressure Ulcers”. M.O. Ullah
Microcurrent Clinics & Spas

John Milovich AP, ND, LMT creator of The Clinic In A Case, and a prominent leader in MET, established European clinic and spa popularity for the CACI unit over four decades ago. Since then, Milovich’s contributions in the field have been extraordinary. Now, we have the pleasure of introducing The Clinic In A Case while providing information on how it will bring result-driven, monetary benefits to your business.

Microcurrent investment is quickly becoming a known commodity for increased spa revenues. Experts suggest practitioner’s are seeing the no-brainer investment with an estimated high six-figure, cash revenue in the first year, in the range of 240,000 dollars! Quoted as “the best bargin in anti-aging aesthetics” by a leading US spa. “This service is an investment for any salon to boost your income and increase your services to your clientele”, quote from 24 Benefits of Microcurrent Therapy. With The Clinic In A Case, clinics and teams, as well as spas can actually do and earn more via offering more treatments, and its easy to use!

Microcurrent in Sports

Although Microcurrent Therapy made an impact on effective treatment of Olympic and professional athlete injuires during the early eighties, its potential growth is enormous and projected to become a mainstream breakthrough. Whether you’re a chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist or trainer, discover why The Clinic In A Case is a unique modality, beyond great pain management capability, to help meet your specific needs. Its Space Age Technology resonants ‘thousands’ of smaller, more effective current to address both rapid injury rehabilitation and prevention. Also, The Clinic In A Case has the capacity to treat multiple athletes and/or patients at once- up to four athletes from one application.

Microcurrent Therapy, according to a pro baseball franchise, has replaced the use of Ice Therapy to address inflamation, increase blood circulation, and is steadily becoming the ‘competitive edge’ factor in sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.